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Looking to launch an entrepreneurial venture or grow a small business? The Small Business Center (SBC) at GTCC is part of the statewide Small Business Center Network (SBCN), a community college-funded initiative with a vision to foster and support entrepreneurship, small business, and economic development in local communities with an emphasis on assisting start-ups, early stage, and at-risk enterprises.  In other words, we aim to increase the number of viable businesses across the state by providing high quality, accessible assistance to small business owners, which in turn, leads to job creation and retention.  So whether you are exploring entrepreneurship or you are an experienced business owner, the Small Business Center at GTCC is a valuable resource for small businesses in Guilford County.

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For more information, please contact:

Mark Hagenbuch
336/334.4822 ext. 62003  mthagenbuch@gtcc.edu

Wendy Brockman 
Administrative Assistant
336/334.4822 ext. 62001 wlbrockman@gtcc.edu


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